My vision is to offer resources, activities and community for women who are feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled in all the roles that they are playing. No matter where we are in life, together we can find the #epic everyday...

My Quest

I am on a quest to live every moment each day and to make that day the best it can be no matter what difficulties or problems await.

I invite you to come along for the ride. No telling where we might end up or what we might see on the way.

5 Pillars

In classical literature and movies, epics are considered works with large scale, sweeping scope, and spectacle. focused on deeds or journeys of heroes upon which the fate of many people depend. I believe that we all have the potential to live #epic lives. If we focus on growing what I call the “5 Pillars”





and work

we can not only have lives that are fulfilling but lives that change the world.

Epic Living with Jean exists:

To be a guide for those who chose to find and nurture the "epic" in their life. Every day.

No matter what. For those who want to learn more and make a bigger impact on their family, community and the world.

For those who want to be all they can be using all that they have been given.

For YOU....if you are up to the challenge.

At Epic Living with Jean we believe:

VALUE: In the innate value and worth in every human being no matter what age, nationality, orientation, income level or job description.

EPIC: is a choice. No matter how bad things are, there is ALWAYS something #epic that can be found. We will help each other find the #epic in our lives.

Courage: We will always take the next step, even if we are stepping out in fear.

Being the Best Version of Yourself: not a 1/2 rate version of someone else.

Movement: No matter how small, we will always take the next best step. Moving slow is still moving. Stopping will get you run over.

Responsibility: We take 100% responsibility for our lives 100% of the time.

Transformation: You can always be better.

Optimism: There is no room for negativity here.

Inspiration: We work together, lifting each other as we climb.

At Epic Living with Jean we DON’T believe in:

Excuses: You are 100% responsible for your actions 100% of the time.

Complaining: If you want it...do the work.

Regret: Never second guess yourself

Good: You are here to be #epic

Motivation: Motivation will die but you will continue showing up

Popular: Popular is average and average is not #epic.

Playing small: You have what it takes to play big. Own it. Know it. Believe it.

Giving up: Never, never, NEVER give up,

Going alone: Together we will go farther.


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