A Dreamer's Travel Guide:

How a 5 1/2 week, 22 state #epicRoad trip changed my life and my health.

What was the #epicRoadtrip?

  • It's an adventure we can all share
  • It's an awareness-building mission
  • It's an educational experience
  • It's a chance to meet people and see places
  • It's an opportunity to view our country up close

The Epic Road Trip 2021 is a five and 1/2 week journey to highlight the people and places of our country, while promoting healthy eating and DREAMING BIG, along with other habits for #epicLiving.

I will be driving from my hometown in Powhatan, Virginia to Montana and back visiting 21 states. Along the way, I will be sharing the sights and the stories, the places and the people.

Why in the world would I be doing this? I started Epic Living with Jean as a way to create a community around a shared desire to build an #epicLife for myself and my family. This fall I will be launching a Dream Manager program to help people live an #epiclife. As a Certified Dream Manager I serve as a guide to help people design a life of passion and purpose while identifying and fulfilling their dreams and leading them to become the best versions of themselves. This trip appeared on my very first "Dream List" over 10 years ago and I am excited about finally getting a chance to make it happen.

Follow along on the #epicRoadtrip Facebook page as I prepare and make the final arrangements for this #epic trip, and then continue as I put over 5300 miles on my car and live out a once in a lifetime adventure.